Moosewood Vegetarian Cookbook

Prep time1 1⁄2 hours
Recipe TypeVegetable Dishes
Main Ingredients
Difficulty3 - Mom & Pop


It's a fair bit of work, but the end result is so damn good, it's worth it.  Also shuts up those annoying vegetarians!


2ccrumbled feta cheese
1cfinely chopped onion
2ccottage cheese (dry curd is best)
2pkfrozen, chopped, *thoroughly* drained spinach
5 eggs, beaten
  salt, pepper


Cook the onions in butter, salting lightly. When soft combine with remaining ingredient and spinach.
To Assemble:
Have on hand: a 1-lb. package defrosted filo dough
½ lb. melted butter
Spread melted butter on a 9 x 13 baking pan. Place a strudel leaf in the pan (if it outsizes the pan, let the edges climb the sides) and brush generously with butter. Keep layers of  filo dough coming, one on top of another, brushing each with butter. When you have a pile of 8 leaves, spread on half the filling. Continue with another stack of 8 or so leaves (don’t skimp on the butter), then apply the remaining filling, spreading it to the edges. Fold the excess filo down along the edges, making little tidy corners.
Pile as many more layers of filo and butter as your baking pan will accommodate. Butter the top-most leaf and sprinkle with a tablespoonful of whole anise or fennel seeds, if you have some on hand.
Bake uncovered, about 45 minutes until golden.


Athens brand filo dough is the best we've found-easiest to work with and fits our big pan perfectly!


Glad to hear everyone is doing well.  Thanks for the recipe! 

Christmas Greetings

Hi Irene, Cal and family,
We put a recipe on your exchange; whether or not anyone ever makes it, it felt good doing it-great idea, even though it was more work to get it on there properly than it actually is to make the dish!
All is well with us.  We continue to enjoy very good health and are still firmly ensconced in the hamster wheel that is the workaday world.  The kids have grown up physically, and to a lesser extent emotionally....but 29 is the new 18, I suppose.  Technically, all are still advancing their education.  Here's the summary:
All is well with Christine, she's just finished her first term in her MPH (Masters in Public Health)  program at U of S, and she is considering a midwifery progarm at UBC; Ian another term done at the UofS  (Engineering) the end of his degree is in sight (class of 2011) and working at the Fox and Goose--we figure there's some fun in the job (women bonuses?).  Watch itunes for Julia's newest CD is about to be released, and she had a good gig in Regina last week at The Exchange.  You can hear some of her music at    Cam continues to work hard as a second year neurosurgical resident at University Hospital in Edmonton.   Hello, Gray's Anatomy....or Scrubs.
We wish you the best Christmas and happiness in the new year, and look forward to keeping in touch.  Loved the picture of your house taken just yesterday.  You have no idea how homesick that makes me.  I know....that's just crazy Christmas emotion talk.
There are great flights from Regina/Saskatoon to Sacramento via Denver-not a difficult trip, and we'd love to have you come for a visit.  We're handy to lots of great stuff!
Doug & Rosemarie